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Scott James

Scott James is an arts graduate of UNSW (2006) with majors in history and sociology. Areas of expertise include modern European history, Arab-Israeli conflict and south-east Asia. The purpose of this website is to provide alternative opinions and perspectives outside the highly sanitised and often loaded mainstream news outlets for readers who are seeking out something different.

Too often we read the news and feel stifled by the obvious propoganda laiden commentary of paycheck pundits, reporters and journalists. This site is dedicated to the old journalistic adage that seems to have been forgotten of late: "Who, What, Where, When, How and most importantly Why did the story unfold?"

Alternative Press will report on what matters in our world, whether it be news, current topics of interest, politics and so on. We hope to encourage a more diverse body of debate which is inclusive of people on the ground. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas, whether it be about the site or blogs we post, in the comments/feedback spaces provided! Please do subscribe and/or donate to help support our humble beginnings here. Thank you for your support.