Ultra right wing do not own Brexit

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While delving into our usual Sydney side cafe society hour, cappuccino in hand, we came across an old oily paper on the table. Flicking through it we discovered a few things along the way; Mr Packer pulls out of investing in an Oliver Stone epic about the whistle blower, Edward Snowden, for fears of being kicked out of the US. Not a very complimentary story from Mr Packer's friends at the Tele. Anyway, the more oddly striking article was by everyone's best mate, Andrew Bolt.

His article was about supporting the leave campaign for the strangest reasons you could imagine. If you're with the leave campaign, according to Bolt; you're against the Left, the internationalists, cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism. First off, voting for a nation state over a European union monopoly led by Germany is exactly against ultra right wing politics. Nation states are about democracy; the EU is about a German autocracy that controls the flow of money and orchestrates austerity measures for member states with impunity. Does this sound familiar to our friends on the right? Well it should because it's in line with your politics!

You cannot criticize the monopoly of the European Union while sitting in a newsroom that signifies monopoly in no uncertain terms. That's the definition of irony.

Leaving the EU is about regaining cosmopolitanism, true Left wing politics (old labor), multiculturalism, and defining internationalism. Why are the right wing nesting in the success of the leave campaign of Brexit? One answer to this question could be that their own unsuccessful, reactionary politics might get some credibility in the success of this movement according to them. Could it be that the right wish to own left wing politics now? Because their backward thinking side has failed so miserably in Europe and the United States.

What came out of cosmopolitanism? Camus, Derrida, Foucault, Walter Benjamin... All the best thinking of the 20th century happened in cosmopolitan society. And then to top it off, Bolt says that not all cultures were created equally. Interesting, that is exactly what the European Union believes itself which he presumably opposes. They brandish European cultures with hegemony while making 2nd class states within the union itself e.g. Greece, Spain and France. And yes Mr Bolt that is right; some cultures refused to exercise colonialism, racism, tyranny, mandatory masonry, and imperialism on other cultures.

On a final note, we ask that Mr Bolt rethink attending any cafes in Australia's growing cosmopolitan culture for the sake of not appearing as a internationalist, left leaning coffee totting specimen.