Anti-Islam terror attack: car bomb explodes outside mosque in Perth

The above image is claimed as Fair dealing under Australian copyright law. Found on Russia Today’s site of all places. I’m not surprised that this won’t be widely reported on most mainstream news outlets nationally here)

I was doing my daily sweep of the various news sites and headlines; starting with the Telegraph to find plenty on the Lindt siege, election campaign news, and at no surprise to anyone, more vilification of muslims in a story about a corrupt father whose son was arrested for terrorism related activity. Of course, their religious affiliation is responsible for all their criminal and anti-social behaviour, right? Wrong.

If white thugs commit a terror attack against a minority in this country should I vilify their religious affiliation? Absolutely not. Well it so happens that a terror attack was committed on our own soil and no one I know even knows about it. Actually I only found out about it as I continued my sweep of sites, on Russia Today of all places. I was somewhat surprised to find news of this incident so far away but once it sunk in, it was absolutely understandable to me that our national news services would want to sweep this under the carpet. As you can see from the image above, it clearly shows a graffitied wall with "***ck Islam" and the car is self explanatory. To read the full story and watch video taken by onlookers go to or paste the RT link below in your browser address bar:


What I asked myself after reading this is: What do we want this country to represent? Hatred and division on all sides or respect and and dialogue on all sides? I intend to barrack for the latter and I'm sure there are many of you who want the same.

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