No refuge for Turkey

Why is there no security for Turkey against ISIL attacks? Security measures that should have been introduced by NATO, the European union and Russia for Turkey; in lieu of the fact that Turkey has accepted the heaviest intake of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. If the EU is a big power player in security measures on the European continent why are Brussels or Paris more significant than Istanbul?

Turkey is not part of the EU yet, but has oddly agreed to take most of the refugee load back from Europe. It's no secret in the Middle East at least that NATO and the EU have the ear of Erdogan. Western powers are abusing Erdogan's good relations with them. It's a golden opportunity that may not appear in the future relations between Turkey and the West. The future should be looking bright for Turkey rather than grim. So attacks from ISIL should not be occurring in Turkey.

On this point, news reports on the recent attack, described Ataturk airport as one of the most secure and fortified airports in the world due to the fact that it is an international hub for cross continental air travel.

In light of the descriptions of the tight security of this airport, this attack is suspicious. ISIL is losing badly in Iraq according to officials in the United States. How can they muster up such a deadly attack in Turkey? If the war on terror is successful in beating ISIL on its home ground in Iraq, how can it then rise up and create such tragedy in Turkey? One thing that's certain; if this article is anything to go by, there are far more questions being raised than answers from these grim events. There are calls even now for togetherness on the European continent; politicians in Europe using this tragedy to prevent member states from thinking about leaving the EU after Brexit. Those member states who wish to leave the EU should do so and should not be muscled into staying with a lying blackmailing entity which only offers austerity in return for membership.

(The above image is claimed as Fair dealing under Australian copyright law. It looks like Erdogan is saying “I can talk all day but you won’t listen”)