What is lobbying? And who should we listen to.

The classic definition is that "lobbying (also lobby) is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in a government, most often legislators or members of regulatory agencies." Why would the last superpower in the world today start everyday by listening to lobby groups who don't hide their hate speech? Have an open millenarian agenda? And choose a path that leads to 'theatres of war'?

A lot of reporters would discuss the dangers in the proposals by gun lobbyists nowadays. But really, the danger lies in more specific lobbies like the Israel lobby and think tanks like council on foreign relations and project for the new American century. These groups should not be as popular as they are and have the ear of the State department of the US.

Every mistake that we have seen in the foreign policy of the United States during the Bush and Obama years can be accredited to these lobbies. For example, the invasion of Iraq by Bush, the Surge campaigns in Afghanistan by Obama, the near full scale war with Assad in Syria and the continued drone wars in Pakistan.

Why does not the Obama administration listen to the Iranian-American council in the United States more readily than it does now? For those who aren't aware, they are the ones that lobbied for the 5 +1 nuclear deal with Iran. We have read the mandate of this Iranian-American lobby and all they want is peace with Iran and regional peace within the Middle East. What this emphasises is; there is a choice here! You can chose the direction of your foreign policy for the next 501 years (we say 501, as a homage to Noam Chomsky's book "Year 501"). Especially when you have historical proof that previous strategies of the staunch ultra-right lobbies and think tanks have lead to the ruin of the reputation of the United States in the rest of the world.

Lobbying can be very dangerous. It can lead to conflicts that could escalate. But good lobbying can bring peace and prosperity to any nation and promote peace and cooperation around the very fragile world we live in today. This is the 21st century; we cannot have the 20th century formula of world wars and regional wars in order to prop up corrupt regimes in the West and elsewhere. Why can't we do that anymore? Because those regimes will cease to exist and bring about the demise of the nation-state. No 'world regime' can replace a failed state.

(This image is claimed as Fair dealing under Australian copyright law. Here we have the 5+1 group with the Iranian foreign minister, Mr Zarif. The deal is looking good on paper but will it prove to be good on the ground)