You say kosher, I say halal. Let's call the whole thing off...

The far right are at it again; with islam this, muslim that, halal this, terrorism that. I was going to write about the reasons why halal is not much different to kosher. But I've changed my mind. You can easily research it and find multiple sources on it. Oh and here's a quote that was very nice to:

'I think Australia is quite proud of its ability to produce Halal meat to international requirements, while doing it in a humane way.' Jon Condon, journalist.

So what is the new point I wished to make, ah that's right, my thoughts are that the far right have things to say and they should be allowed to say them. Just as I have things to say. What comes out of their mouths irks me, that's all. It hasn't helped muslims much that major news and media services are the main source of 'education' for people these days.

Schools and universities seem to be losing ground in the pedagogic profession to these giant technological beasts called Google and Youtube and media conglomerates like News Limited and Fairfax. Social media the likes of Facebook and Twitter have also played a role in detracting from our teachers having the ability to educate and instruct effectively.

Kosher animal slaughter practices are very similar to halal slaughter. So why isn't there any fuss about jews being cruel and barbaric? Kosher basically means permitted for consumption. Halal means the same thing. So why all the fuss about halal certification and whether mosques are being supported? Doesn't the Kosher Authority of Australia (Kashrut) equally charge a fee for their certification services and likely to support synagogues? Well here is a reason why it's not as big an issue to many Australians:

"Many manufacturers are not interested in having their products “certified” as our market is so small they see no need. Some may not want the overt display of “Jewish” symbols on their products." (from the Kashrut website in answer to the question: 'where can one buy kosher products and why isn’t there a logo on everything?')

So what do you deduce from this? I deduce that the halal market is very financially lucrative for Australian businesses as clearly there is a market, mainly international, thus the prevalent display of "Muslim" symbols on their products. The way I see it there are two ways Australians can go with this.

They can become increasingly afraid of muslims leading to isolationism, xenophobia, ultra right nationalism seeking to shut down halal certification, mosques etc. Or you can be open to the international community which includes 1.6 billion muslims whether you like it or not. I prefer the internationally friendly way, probably because I'm a friendly guy.

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