Who picked Theresa May for PM?

After a painful exit out of the European Union and the resignation of David Cameron people expected the leave campaign of the Tory party to find a leader to usher in a new era of British politics. Instead the singular press of Rupert Murdoch has created tension and ousted the leave campaign Tory member Andrea Leadsom before she could even get off the starting block.

Should a media baron have so much power to influence the outcomes of leadership spills and go against a national referendum? It's terrible to see disparity created when the leave campaign has successfully won the referendum. David Cameron should not have been replaced by Theresa May because she is basically the female version of him. Like Cameron, Ms May is part of the EU remain campaign.

It is imperative that the leave campaign has the highest levels of support in British society because what it is essentially fighting against is corruption in the EU, autocracy and austerity inflicted by it and strongarming of other members by Germany. Who is going to stand against all of this bad directioneering?

In continental Europe it is the hope of members who want to exit the EU in future, that Britain takes the steady path out and not continuously contemplate going back.

What we are really contemplating here is Germany inflicting an economic war on Europeans, escalating to a Cold War via sanctions against Russia. And the next cycle would definitely spiral into a ground war in Europe which is what no one of sound mind and sensibility wants.

So powers like the UN, NATO and the United States should work with Britain to strengthen the leave campaign agenda and strategy of preventing war in Europe.

(This image is claimed as Fair dealing under Australian copyright law. Andrea Leadsom, the true leader of the leave campaign of Brexit ousted by more of the same.)