Megyn Kelly, Andrew Bolt...who are these people and why are their opinions unchecked?

This image is claimed as fair dealing under Australian copyright law. Megyn Kelly and Andrew Bolt; it is still anomalous to this writer why they have so much airtime.

I've seen them speak and I've read their opinions and to this day it bothers me. Their opinions are tossed about like a stinking rag in a smelly food court; leaving the rest of us to clean up the mess they create. People like them earn a living to divide people. Nothing that comes from their corner can be said in the same breath as a word like harmony because they are singularly employed to disrupt it.

So what bothers me the most? Megyn Kelly is a good example of how those on the far right believe certain rules around discrimination, justice, fairness and accuracy only apply to those on their team. A shining example of this duplicity plays out in an interview she conducted just after the Dallas police shootings. What was interesting about the comments she made weren't so much the content but the way she believed #blacklivesmatter and its supporters are 'over the past year...pushing a narrative that all cops are bad...and out to kill'.

This image is claimed as fair dealing under Australian copyright law. I have highlighted the comments that Megyn Kelly makes about the police which resemble comments made about minorities, such as muslims, which Ms Kelly and her team treat as apologetics and irrelevant.

Where have we seen something like this before? It wouldn't be for the past 15 odd years from the right and far right of politics pushing a narrative that all muslims are bad and out to kill? But of course they are justified in their claims because they are making them and that's what makes it right.

Well no, that's just not good enough Ms Kelly. You need to practice what you preach. Just like you argue here that some cops are bad not all, you need to apply that to others regardless of your ignorance or aversion toward them.

Now I turn briefly to the other person pictured above. Andrew Bolt regularly claims that he represents the silent majority in Australia. Those who feel like their voice is diminishing to the recesses of late night talk back radio or otherwise their eerie wine basements where they drown their sorrows in expensive red wine over the degeneration of their values, freedom of speech and cultural integrity.

Mr Bolt must have a strange idea that freedom of speech includes hate speech because this is what his platform espouses and encourages most; mainly on muslims but I wouldn't put it past him and his ilk to encourage his so-called 'silent majority' contempt for other minorities. And this is the key point. Whether one thinks that 'majority' is silent or not, they are still the majority in the state of play which just shows how clearly Mr Bolt is exploiting the fears of his base let alone insulting the intelligence of the rest of us.

The only threats I perceive to our way of life are in two groups. And these groups are in diametric opposition to each other; his group and the paid thugs in the streets employed to disrupt the harmony of the rest of us. Yes the rest of us are stuck in the middle of their battle of extremes. We reject their claim to the airways and their attempts at peddling fear, in no uncertain terms.