Repeat Performance: how WW1 started is much like what's happening in the world today

World War 1 started on a dark day in July 1914, exactly a month after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. The most important elements of that war that are similar to now are the sensationalist journalism which reported that every part of the world was in crisis, especially Europe, and secondly that the Ottoman Empire joined Germany and Austria-Hungary against the allies.

The scenarios for a repeat performance are here, with the failed coup in Turkey which has seen thousands of government workers arrested and the uncanny friendship that Turkey's Erdogan has with Germany's Angela Merkel. The Ottoman Empire was a muslim empire which was defeated by the allies. Germany, Hungary and Austria were also defeated by the allies. The current allegiances clearly unchanged.

It is apparent that the European Union has left discord and unrest in Europe which is similar to the unrest that was prevalent prior to WW1. In fact, the European Union, we believe, was designed to create an environment that would bring the world and Europe closer to a world war. One of the reasons why it would want such a disastrous outcome is to quash generations of jobless people who would rise up to overturn their austerity regimes. We have already seen such rising up in Greece, Spain and France. The other reason is to quash and destroy left wing groups like the left party in Greece, the left 'los Indignados' movement in Spain and the labor movement against the new labor laws in France.

The war on terror is also linked to this strategy of generating a world war, orchestrated by shadowy figures in Europe and the Greater West. History tells us that these figures were elites on the conservative side of European rule. The new generation of those historic elites are in power now and following the same rule book as their ancestors.

Next time there's a shooting by the likes of police on blacks, blacks on police in the US, deranged or lone wolf shooters on civilians, isis attacks across the world, don't panic for the wrong reasons. Remember that the 24 hour reporting of these events are sensationalist journalism reminiscent of pre WW1. What does this tell us about current troubling events? That another world war is around the corner. Let's galvanize around preventing that problem from ever occurring. This crisis is one of urgency and we believe there is a need for people to mobilise on the streets to protest peacefully to reject this plot to bring about another world war. Walter Benjamin's angel of history is speaking to us once again, let us not ignore him and be caught like poor Walter on the border of France and Spain in dismay.

This image is claimed as fair dealing under Australian copyright law. Trench warfare in World War 1. We see here men resting before they are ordered into a living hell that is an unwinnable war.