Sharpening foreign policy: a key path to victory for the Clinton campaign

This image is claimed as fair dealing under Australian copyright law. Victory is at hand with Hillary's US foreign policy.

Secretary Clinton has done a very up to minute and detailed job in delivering current US foreign policy both in the DNC and in her recent interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News. Her key point, which is correct and on the money, is that the US's greatest asset and participation in Europe and the Middle East is with NATO this century. It was NATO that scared off Putin in the Ukraine, else Kiev would be under his power by now, and Putin would be emboldened in acquiring more land for mother Russia.

The EU is in a precarious situation at the moment with Brexit being successful, this has left a very cold air blowing in Brussels at the moment. Politicians in continental Europe are in panic mode seeing as Spain, Greece and France are waiting in the aisles to leave. We can see in the behaviour of Francois Hollande the moves of a very desperate man, trying to quell national protests against his hardline austerity Labor laws against unions. Hollande is using any news item, especially ones about terror, to cover his tracks.

Secretary Clinton, when elected, must sway the French government away from failing EU policies or at least support the new government of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2017. Indeed Sarkozy would be the perfect partner for President Hillary Clinton in her progressive agenda about creating jobs locally; as Sarkozy would have a similar agenda for France.

Mrs. Clinton should also support Greece and Spain in leaving the EU. The European Union experiment has expired. The currency has been hoarded in Germany and its hardline austerity regime is centred there, and against main street in Europe.

Mrs. Clinton should sharpen US policy regarding Syria and Iraq. She should absolutely stop supporting any groups opposing the Assad regime or else US foreign policy in Syria will look like Swiss cheese; a policy full of holes. The US must also support one government in Iraq, as per normal electoral cycles - it should not be expected that Iraq will have consecutive leaders like a revolving door scenario. Everywhere in Iraq should be a green zone, safe from violence and safe from strange uprisings foreign to the country and its history.

Clinton has also said that she will support the 5+1 deal with Iran that President Obama arranged with 5 other major powers. As it stands, the deal has been kept to the letter by the Iranians, however the US has not opened banking channels as were agreed to; where no deal can go through for Iran without this irritating obstacle from being removed.

The biggest serious threats to US foreign policy in the 21st century are the rise of China's aggressive measures to take international waters in the South China Sea, North Korea's threats of missile testing being carried out in the full view of Seoul, and ultra right wing uprisings in Europe which can edge Europe closer to a world war, much like they did the last time round. The key here is not to follow a formula where US foreign policy is concerned like the US has done since WW2.