Putting the fresh back in 'Fresh fish'

What if I told you there was a wagyu quality fish available in Sydney as we speak? You might say, 'but wagyu is a type of red meat'. Yes! that's true but if there was a wagyu fish it would be this particular barramundi sourced from a home grown sustainable fish farm here in Sydney. So what makes this barramundi so different than others on the market?

  • no heavy metals like mercury

  • no chemicals like sodium tripolyphosphate

  • genetically untampered (not genetically modified)

  • no antibiotics, no hormones and no steroids

  • non imported 100% Australian grown

Pretty impressive list. A truly fresh fish from a clean source. You know, often I would avoid eating fish due low standards and quality. Who wants to eat something that may have been bathed in sodium tripolyphosphate, in common language, the stuff you put in your car radiator? No one. It's simply bad for you. It is true that demand for good quality fish is growing and supply is hard to find but not anymore.

Ever Pure Health delivers to your door after simply placing the order on their website. It truly is a breath of fresh air to have a healthy alternative that can live up to its name, literally. This barramundi has a shelf life of 21 days and that's in your regular fridge, not the freezer. It's also guaranteed not to smell, you know, that fishy odour we assume is normal, well it's not. Fresh fish shouldn't have that odour, if they do have that odour it may be months old fish waste you're smelling. The unhappy idea coming to light is that most consumer ready fish may be months old and imported from overseas where chemicals are used to give the appearance of freshness. To find out more about some disturbing imported fish practices take a look at this link.

Another great aspect of having fresh fish in your diet are the benefits of fish cheeks and air bladders or 'fish maw' which is about 80% collagen. Fish maw is rich in nutrients and proteins. Some health benefits may include; glowing skin, relief from aches and pains, help with weak lung & kidney, anaemia and scarring. Fun fact: Around 206 BCE (Chinese Han dynasty) chefs prepared fish maw dishes at grand banquets and more recently at China's state dinners.

So there you have it. If you love fresh fish like me and were at a loss where to find it, the search is over. Just visit www.everpurehealth.com.au for order and delivery options.

Scott James is a Sydney based blogger and freelance writer on current affairs, local issues and general news & opinion.