Being unfriended on social media: If you've been a -1 don't despair, you just gained some va

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Something odd happened on Facebook today. An old work colleague defriended me, get this, because I replied to his quiz comment somewhat flippantly. The question he posted was about why hamburgers are ham...burgers if there is no pork in them? Yes I know, really? You decide to defriend from this starting point? Curiosity enticed me to check google for reasons why defriending happens; hamburgers were, unsurprisingly so, nowhere on the list. Rather, the reasons for unfriending or defriending someone were mainly for politics or religion. Another recurring reason for disqualification was inactivity for a long period of time, say 6 months - after all, it's social media not antisocial media, ahem. These were reasons I might comprehend and yet I would still never defriend someone for even being inactive. For goodness sakes maybe they were in an accident and in a coma, who knows?

Nevertheless, it was a bit sad to see that hamburgers of all things can be such a hot topic to cause a 'minus one crime scene' on social media. In any event the deed is done and life must go on.

Then it occurred to me that I had never unfriended or defriended anyone since the dawn of the social media age. Why was that? Some of the things my FB friends have posted have from time to time irked me enough to do so. So why haven't I done it? To put it bluntly, I'm a grown up. Let's not beat around the bush with this; if I had a serious issue with something someone is posting I'd tell them. oh and it would be constructive and I'm sure resolved easily and without supervision. It's this bloggers humble opinion that defriending is an immature move which says more about the defriender than the defriendee.

I mean really who cares? Absolutely no one. By doing it, the most you've achieved is give yourself the illusion of status and authority in a relationship or friendship that is supposed to be based on level ground. From my experience I see this kind of behaviour in people who lack social skills to the extent that simple etiquette is beyond their grasp.

There is a moral to the story for all those defriendees out there; consider yourself lucky because your Facebook friend list is only less by one more immature, self centred individual with delusions of grandeur.