The truth on Syria

This image is claimed as fair dealing under Australian copyright law. Syrian voters at the ballot box in 2012 casting an overwhelming 'yes' result of 89% in favor of constitutional reform and support for the Assad government.

In 2012 there was a referendum in Syria and the war hadn't got off the ground as terribly as it has in 2016. 89% of the Syrian population voted for the constitutional and government reform that Assad introduced. The Syrian people had already voted for Bashar al-Assad but they were ignored. Soon the ignorance turned to revenge on the Syrian people by the international community. Every day a bomb falls on a Syrian civilian is testimony that the people of Syria are being punished for supporting their leader.

Who is doing the punishing? In order to answer this question one needs to look at the events before the war and where Assad and his wife were being seen. They were in Paris and London mixing with the elite of Europe. Just what happened between 2010 and the start of the supposed 'civil' war in Syria. Supposed, because most of the rebel factions are from outside the country. What we have established here is that Assad is a popular elected leader and that some time in or after 2010 he fell out of favor with the European elite. The backlash was a dirty war which nobody of sound mind in the region believes to be a legitimate case against the Syrian government.

This image is claimed as fair dealing under Australian copyright law. Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma in Paris in 2010. Asma al-Assad was until recently seen as an international style icon. Photograph: Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images

It's obvious that the people opposing Assad have made grave errors in backing the rebels and other mercenaries as this has caused great human loss, refugees and the spreading of the war into North Africa, the wider Middle East and Europe. In turn, one could say that the west has lost diplomatic ground in the world and there has been a shift of power toward Russia. In recent months John Kerry has been wise enough to make an attempt to end the war in Syria and he has regained much of the ground lost to the Russians. This needs to continue right on through to the Clinton presidency, the only US leadership the world would respect and fear.

It must be said that it is clearly not the case that the Obama administration has waged the war against Assad. There is a NWO element that is orchestrating this war from the shadows of the Europe-US alliance which back the conservative side of politics.

So now that you've learnt the truth on Syria, ask yourself this question: Why do google search results tow the line of conservatives in the west who are all uniformly against the Syrian government? And why does almost all of the established media repeat and parrot this line?

Try and search for a time when Assad and his family were the darlings of elite western circles. You'd be hard pressed to find that history ever existed.