Back channel terrorism and fake news: US and Mid East satellites ramp up violence at what cost

This image is claimed as 'fair dealing' under Australian copyright law. It's relevant the the content and clearly captures the problems we face in the current climate false news.

So much news about Iran's failings plastered everywhere these days. It's being shoved down my throat from SBS to Apple news. When I encounter this kind of thing in day to day business my immediate reaction is if I really need to be convinced this hard than something is off. Does it make you wonder if it has anything to do with the rise of the right wing and white nationalists in western nations? Well it does.

Don't get me wrong, Iran isn't perfect, it has problems. I'm sure you've probably read about them. Most of the criticism is directed at Iran's domestic policy. I'm not here to defend a country but I am here to defend common sense and the common citizens rights to balanced and real news. Let me explain.

Do the US or Australian governments have domestic policies that are of concern to observers? Unless you've been living under a rock you don't need me to detail the questionable policy ideas that have just elected the next US president. Now if Iranian government leaders speak off the cuff, do they really mean it?

Or is it just rhetoric only when leaders in the US use belligerent language against their perceived foes.

This is the problem; the outgoing US government knows that words at the state level are cheap and actions speak a thousand words. Politics is a balancing act that requires well equipped leaders to maintain order and stability. This becomes tenuous when people are taking office that really push the notion to believe words and reject actions.

Take Australia. Recent news covered horrific human rights abuses against minors and aborigines in the Northern Territory. A few state leaders lost their jobs, news reports came and went and now no one is the wiser. Are the abuses continuing? How long had they been doing this? What is going on in this country?

My point is becoming clearer. If Iran had committed these crimes do you think we would hear the end of it? That story would be in circulation on a news outlets strategy board for years to come.

Let's not forget that the biggest sponsor and exporter of terrorism is the US and its satellites in the Middle East. There are numerous videos of US state officials openly admitting that the US funded, equipped, trained and supported Wahhabi fighters in Afghanistan during the cold war with Russia. Their support and funding continues to this day in Syria and Iraq through a process of back channel sponsoring of terrorism. At the same time US forces are fighting ISIS by backing Iraqi forces in Mosul.

Do you see a pattern of behaviour here? Not every channel in the US apparatus is working together but will look to achieve the same goals by other means. Backing both sides of a fake war is an old trick; they used it during the Iran-Iraq war too (see Iran contra). It's a neat little setup to keep Empire ticking over in the short term but it's lazy work and will spell doom in the long term.

This is how an Empire plays the world and through propaganda plays you. We are in a dark age by no uncertain terms. The light at the end of the tunnel requires actions that speak to the heart of humanity. The killing of Syrians must stop. The starving and exploitation of the Third World must stop. The propaganda machine must be dismantled and replaced with hearts that beat.