The Five Plus One Deal Important for the West

This image is claimed as fair dealing under Australian copyright law. It is relevent to the content and illustrates the actors in the groundbreaking deal that should be upheld.

With the Trump Cabinet suggesting that they are going to drop the 5+1 Deal, alarms are going off everywhere especially in circles of nations who are the other members of 5+1.

After 35 years of a relative Freeze of relations with Iran, the major powers have finally moved on from hostility and unfriendly rhetoric to opening relations with the forgotten nation. But it’s important to note that the west has suffered greatly during these years ignoring Iran, Europe has had to look to Putin’s Russia for oil and gas, and everybody knows how tough it has been to deal with Putin’s moods and tantrums when it comes to these natural resources.

Iran also has a lot of strategic ability and brain power politically when it comes to dealing with rising powers like China and Russia. The US also risks losing its super power status with the isolationist tactics that Trump has said he will take with allies and potential allies like Iran. Diplomats the world over should know that Iran has a great deal of diplomatic power and credibility, Iran can offer business opportunities to a struggling EU, to a limited business market in the US where manufacturing has basically left the country. Iran has oil and gas, it wants to do business with the world, it can speak to great powers like China and prevent their military objectives for South East Asia. Iran can talk on an equal footing with Russia and solve strategic issues in the Middle East and Africa. Iran has proven itself helping the US and its allies solving problems in Iraq and Syria, and before that in Afghanistan and Iraq. Who in their right minds can drop the good relations Iran has with great powers now and go back to the US Israel Alliance which was a total failure in the Bush years. It would be an absurd outcome and should not be entertained or contemplated.

History has a way of repeating itself and unfolding, revealing very shortly that the US and Europe need Iran for the next 501 years, if they are to make it and survive with a limited threat to their existence. This means that the Bush dictum of the War on Terror must end, with terrorism being eliminated as a concept of ‘enemy’ and war for the next century.