Hanson's muslim conspiracy: where to from here?

This image is claimed as fair dealing under Australian copyright law. It's clearly relevant to the blog. Pauline Hanson founder of One Nation Party of Australia

If you haven't heard or seen the footage, Pauline Hanson went on national TV to say, "line up a number of Muslims, who's the good one?" The suggestion in her comment is that you can not find one. She also had this to say about Muslims, "They can actually lie to you, it's called tatiya (sic), and they can actually tell you whatever they want to...it's to blend into a society until the numbers grow...and then they will actually then impose their will on the people or get hold of governments and this is what their tactic is."

Let us assume for a moment that she's right; that you can't find a good Muslim in a line up. Where do we go from here? After all, according to her, Muslims are all liars, it's a tactic. This effectively ends any discussion muslims can participate in with non muslims who support her views because if all muslims are liars what is the point of talking with them. It is a good way to ensure there is no open dialogue to push an agenda that divides people.

It is her belief that all muslims lie to non muslims as part of their master plan for world domination. I guess they have been planning this in caves or the local McDonalds for the past 1000+ years. Seems the plan is not going too well because majority Muslim Indonesia could have helped complete the infiltration by now one would imagine. I mean wouldn't muslims have a better strategy than sending alienated teenage boys and shady mentally deranged men on lonely attacks/sieges to perpetrate this conspiracy. And why is it taking so long? Muslims are really patient at getting hold of governments aren't they?

I'm clearly mocking it but these people actually believe this to be true and that is sad. It makes me sad to think that people are so afraid that they will support her views.

So, where to from here? Well, I'm definitely not going to take the stance of trying to prove Muslims are good. If I were to do that then it is only fair that all religions step up and try to prove to me that they have good people among their faithful. You may very well have a good argument for it but it's not the outcome of such a debate that interests me, it's the fact that you chose to participate at all. Why would you entertain such a notion, especially if I also believed that every word out of your mouth was a deliberate lie? There would be no point to you opening your mouth to speak.

Her comments are not new either. I've seen them being plastered across far right wing anti muslim websites and social media for some years now. Ms Hanson is clearly not interested in having a respectful discussion about the muslim community in Australia and Islam in general. She is only interested in spouting anti muslim rhetoric to advance her party's agenda which is staunchly anti muslim.

I leave you with this final thought. As soon as I heard her speak those words, it occurred to me that the same conspiracy can be applied to her and her party. Line up a number of One Nation members, who's the good one? ...They can actually lie to you, and they can actually tell you whatever they want to...it's to blend into the society until One Nation's numbers grow...and then they will actually then impose their will on the people or get hold of the Australian government and this is what their tactic is.

The irony is lost on no one, that her party can be described in the same way; and I pause with real concern that it could happen.

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