Terrorist attacks hit Tehran

Two terrorist attacks in Tehran, the capital of Iran, have left 12 people dead and 42 injured. The terrorists disguised themselves as women, wearing coverings to mask their identities, to enter the parliament building and the shrine of Imam Khomeini. The footage attached appears to be taken by a bystander at the shrine and captures the moment one of the terrorists triggered a suicide bomb. It was followed by heavy rounds of gunfire.

Western media is not doing extensive reporting on this incident as is expected. There is barely any mention of it in Australia. It would not run well with the anti muslim narrative most networks maintain. It wouldn't serve their agenda to report on this attack the same way they report on the London or Paris attacks. We can't appear to show solidarity with Iran can we?

If you are looking for reports on this incident please visit presstv.com for further updates.

Early reports say that four terrorists attacked the shrine and four attacked the parliament which are about 12 miles apart in the central district of Tehran. There is footage from the Independent news service showing scenes inside the parliament of the terrorists filming themselves yelling orders at each other in arabic, not farsi. Daesh has taken responsibility for the attacks. Daesh, known to most in the west as ISIS, is a Wahhabi extremist group which is affiliated to Saudi Arabia.

More to follow...