Forgotten city dweller

This image is used as fair dealing under Australian copyright law. The image is credited to Tariq Ahmet and was chosen because it capture something of the forgotten city dweller discussed in this article.

Can you imagine how long the shadow of this figure has been hiding from the Sun. The days are an insult to anyone who has suffered the sting of alienation and abandonment. It is a luxury to write of the agonies of life, when you find you can no longer write you are close to the realm of eternity, or an off world experience. Happiness after the height of Capitalism is closely connected to hope of writing, so writing is a largely bourgeois experience, a bourgeois hope that the elusive Middle Classes will survive to include people in their educated elite circles. But people quickly realize that those circles are a myth and largely don't exist. As an excluded academic, I have often observed that the accepted educated class are highly competitive and despise each other, so by right, they can never form a circle or a group. Painters these days can't even form a community or school of thought. It's disturbing at some fundamental level, how exclusive the educated class have become. So really, to think well, and to argue based on analysis and extensive reading is a very lonely experience. The Internet hasn't made things easier. People under user names compete as well. It's the pressure to achieve, even if you aren't being paid for it that exists in Capitalist societies that has affected modern culture so badly.

For about seven years I have been an academic excluded from the academy. Even WWII academics rejected from Europe found a home in the United States and brought their gift for the German atmosphere of learning and culture to the new world. People like Theodore Adorno and others who successfully continued their school of thought hadn't quite faced what modern day excluded academics experience who are educated in the Free World. So much for free. Yes, you can contribute but in stealth. Someone else, a watcher or a keeper takes the credit for your efforts. It's really a thankless endeavour and I don't recommend it to academics who think this is better than making it in their own forgotten cities. In fact, post WWII things are worse for non-realm academics. Anyway out in the cold, I can only say it's hard, something beyond alienation. I don't believe in identity politics where a learned person is forced to fit into a category based on nationality. Do Rumi, or Shakespeare fit into a national category? No they are read in nearly every language across the world. It is strange the kind of institutional racism that exists in the Academy today, but it is even worse than what racism can do which is to oppress and control. The exclusion carried out by the keepers in the Academy is largely a political action designed to create a highly educated underclass that carries out all the heavy lifting for the academic elite, for the political power structures and for the western empire.