A Devastating War that will really End All Wars

This image is claimed as fair dealing under Australian copyright law. It rightly relates to the content here and depicts a sobering event we all need to ensure our leaders never invoke.

It is clear to all readers of history that in the modern era two nations have been responsible for the deaths of millions in the past century. Together they brought the deaths of millions of people in the last two world wars. The nations in question are Germany and Russia. There is no doubt they will be behind the next World War to hit the world.

To look at the crisis at hand closely we can see how Germany is behaving as the leading member of the EU and economically manipulating the fortunes of other EU members in the Euro Zone. The other damaging military and politically manipulating nation is Russia. The Russians have successfully gained ground in the Middle East, taken half of Ukraine, made secret allies with North Korea and China, and now completely own and control the leadership of their formal Cold War adversary, the United States. The worst of it is their man in the US, Trump, has recently had two secret meetings with Putin, certainly taking orders from him to be a player on the wrong side of history to the regional wars Putin will run and support, in order to trigger another world war.

The deluded people who stand back and wait for things to unfold and take action when it's too late, do not realise the dire situation the world is in today. Allied action is reduced and limited now as it never was in the last two world wars. The UK, the US, France and Russia were the major forces who beat Hitler and the rise of Fascism in Europe. Now, only the British remain, out of the group who have not been manipulated by Russia and Germany and the new rise of fascism we are seeing in the world today.

When intelligence communities in the west cannot see the threat at hand and chase rag tag contained terror groups instead of regaining the alliance the west maintained in WWII, there must remain cause for grave concern. When Germany and Russia start World War Three, there will be no ready western Ally force against them, if things remain as they are now. With the conservative imperial leftist Macron in France who panders to Merkel's autocracy and is sadly an EU man, with Putin's yes man Trump in the US, with Putin himself a dangerous rogue dictator in Russia, the western alliance against fascism and Proto-Stalinism in the 21st century has collapsed. The answer lies in removing the faulty leadership and fortifying and supporting anti fascist leaders and intellectuals. What is at stake here is not only the loss of a balance of power but the fall of the west as we know it. Because as we have seen in the past the west's enemies are rarely outsiders but the extreme movements and oligarchic regimes in the west itself that bring about its own ruin and ultimate decline.

The situation on the ground is dire and urgent. People forget that populist leadership can be used and hijacked by fascism and Stalinism as well. It happened in the past and it is happening again. It is only men and women of good conscience in every sphere of society who can beat their rise by any method available like media, protest, the vote, speaking out where possible and writing and educating in schools and universities.

No sensible person should advocate strategies which will certainly bring about World War Three. The power to change things rest in our hands.