Why are privileged white men feeling like victims?

This image is claimed as fair dealing under Australian copyright law. It's relevant to the blog article and shows angry privileged white men protesting about being oppressed. Who would have thought?

The man in the image looks livid with rage. You would be hard pressed to think anything less. These men feel like they are not being heard. Does it matter that their overlords are older versions of them, in office running the system they are disaffected by?

The thing that tends to happen when white men are dissatisfied with their lives to this extent, a target is selected to direct all that rage against. As history has shown us before, the targets are predictably even less empowered people in society; jews, blacks, arabs, muslims, asians, brown people and non whites essentially. What is clear to the writer and should be clear to the reader is that the true cause of their angst is the system they live in which is mostly run by older white men with special interests; in other words, their own personal interests.

What the men in this image know and what the older versions of these men in power know is that the way the system is designed is exactly how things panned out in Charlottesville. System fails you - you attack minorities, it's that simple. These angry white men will not take their fight to the older white men who are responsible for their disenfranchisement. They will instead fight a weaker opponent and sadly fulfill a predictable path that leads to hatred and bigotry.

These white men feel like they have been weakened somehow. They say they want to take their country back. It is this writer's humble opinion that you cannot take back something you have not lost. In other words, there is nothing to take back, it's yours. These same people often accuse minorities of playing the victim card and that it is they that are the real victims. Most responders would deny that anyone here is a victim but let us take them at their word. Maybe there is some truth in it. In fact, I accept that they have a valid claim that their country is being taken from them, only not by minorities, but by their own government and white haired older white men with power.

Considering that white men have valid reasons to be angry, angsty and filled with rage, it makes me wonder what a good dose of Fight Club would do for them. I'm referring to the part of the book that dealt with these emotions by creating clubs where men could fight it out. That aspect alone in the book by Chuck Palahniuk could serve a sincere purpose in settling the misplaced anger felt by these people. That anger needs an outlet and what better way to expel it then in a closed circle, in a place where innocent bystanders won't get hurt.

I think it is best that they return the tiki torches to their mum's patio and instead find an abandoned garage to fight it out amongst themselves. These men need to feel empowered and if they cannot find a place in the world their forefathers invented for them they should not resort to hate groups. History has proven again and again that Nazism, white supremacy and hate groups always fail. They always fail no exceptions.