This up-and-coming Crytpo platform monetizes voice and video calls

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Making a call usually makes the telecommunications service provider money. Now you can earn something if you have some knowledge to offer back. Experty is a cryptocurrency based platform designed to allow subject matter experts to charge a per minute rate to users who wish to engage their services using Experty. Similar to Skype and Whatsapp in concept with the added solution of incentivising the interaction.

This will allow business and the public user base to engage subject matter experts across multiple fields. Imagine lawyers, doctors, developers, designers, bloggers, politico's, financial planners, architects etc, registered on the platform at one degree of separation from enterprise owners and general users acquiring needed information and knowledge rather than waiting in a cue or searching endlessly on the web for a lawyer to talk to about your legal matters. People should be paid for their time. All to often I hear about friends doing free work to try to get a referral to paid work. As a blogger I have done many freebies myself. In some cases I chose to and will continue to provide volunteer work for causes I believe in.

If someone is self employed, Experty provides another income stream in a simple an easy to use technology. On the flip side, the users looking for experts on the Experty platform pay a low time-based rate to gain access to professionals with the information they need.

Experty is about to launch it's initial coin offering in the next few days. You can learn more about it here.