Empire pains: keeping fascist speakers off campuses

This image is used as fair dealing under Australian copyright law. The attractions of fascism and youth are captured in this image and relate directly to what this blog piece is warning against.

Western nations built their societies on the the backs of black and brown people. The history is written for all to read. Even if one cannot read one will learn some way or another that our advanced democracies, came from the blood, sweat and subjugation of black and brown people. Still, to this day they are dying in the Middle East while we order a coffee and fill our petrol tanks at the station. Now, some people are sick of reading about the atrocities committed by their countries in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Those in elite ultra conservative circles are seizing the opportunity to exploit those frustrations. What about the white farmers in South Africa they say, reduce immigration they say, blame political correctness they say, we've lost our freedom speech they say...

Let's look at that last one. How is it that fascists have no place to voice their concerns? Well, they may have been refused from speaking at a campus, or protests forced them to cancel an event. Yet, amazingly they are on almost every major television network, across the internet, YouTube, in newspapers, and social media with thousands of followers. I can't read my news feeds without someone telling me about their supposed plight. Somehow still they are voiceless. Somehow we are to believe they are not being heard because they didn't get to speak at "insert University here" campus. Blame the far left. This is a bad joke.

Here I am; an olive skinned (depends on the season though) Iranian Australian, minimal reach, no TV interviews, no strong worded newspaper articles, no huge YouTube or social media following, writing away, and no one shares a single post or promotes any of it. So who is the minority here? Whose speech is filtered out, silenced?

Let's get real folks. Most white rights groups are not suffering, except for maybe missing out on cheap tech and travel deals.

Why do fascists want to speak at left leaning campuses anyway? Would I book an event at a venue that loathes my opinions or views? Certainly not. University campuses are some of the last places where grassroots left movements can organise. Notice how I said grassroots? This is important, in as far as it draws a necessary line in the sand to mark the distinction from the elite left or as some like to call them, the imperialist left. Who are the imperialist left? If you were to place them in front of a mirror you might see a reflection of their adversary. In other words, Turnbull or Shorten, Trump or Clinton, they barely differ. Don't get me wrong, the differences are there but the goal is the same. To protect the elite.

The grassroots left is different because it is a people first movement. It values human life over power and control. So when we discuss freedom of speech it is about those who are truly voiceless in our society; the indigenous peoples, minorities, the homeless, the poor, the war ravaged, Third World countries, refugees and anyone who is disenfranchised in our communities.

I am proud to speak out on these issues and give voice to them where I can. What I won't do is defend the right of a fascist to speak and I don't think you should either. There is a reason why fascism is not tolerated. Fascism is self implosive, it also has a scorched earth policy to erase all and renew to an Aryan only future. To crush minorities and to murder, what they deem genetically and racially inferior populations. Can you think of an instance where there is consensus on limiting free speech? Anti Semitism and holocaust denial for one. Most people agree to disallow such speech. Why do you think that is? One of the main, if not the main reasons fascist's gained support was by blaming jews for the ills of Europe and the world. With wordcraft.

Fascist spokespeople do not have a place on our university campuses. They do not have a place in our leadership. Millions of people did not die on the battlefield in WW2 so that generations later, modern day courtiers would defend the interests of fascists, their right to influence young minds, their hatred, their prejudice and divisive discourse. There is no place for fascist speech to confuse people and lead them into the abyss. We encourage grassroots activists to continue in the good fight, to honour the war dead by ensuring fascists do not find a way to fool people into a divided and dark world ever again.