Regime change in Israel only avenue to peace

This image is used as fair dealing under Australian copyright law. It is relevant to the topic of the blog and honestly it struck me when I came across it. A Palestinian boy wearing a mask with an onion inside it to protect himself against gas bombs  thrown by Israeli occupation forces at the Gaza border

I just typed "regime change..." into Google and the top two predictives from google were "regime change in Iran" and "regime change in Syria". Why would that be? Could it be that Google's search engine is heavily filtered and only delivers results they want us to see, for whatever agenda they may have at any given time? Noooo! can't be!?

Actually it can. Nothing is out of the question. In the scope of probabilities, such an outcome is most likely. The actual search I wanted was "regime change in Israel". Not a single post, news article or image came back that was useful for anyone wanting regime change in Israel. The only things that I could see down my screen were about Iran and Syria. Fail Google, just fail.

Now that you know your information is heavily filtered and controlled by those who deliver it to you, where to from here?

If you are reading this blog post, besides being a miracle that you got through the agenda laden Google / Government filtering, that alone is a good start to opening up to a different view of the world.

Yes, regime change in Israel can lead to peace in the region. The only way to peace is a two state solution for Israel and Palestine. The current criminal regime of Israel is a block to that peace. The international community should put pressure on the Israeli regime to change its destructive policies towards Palestine and the Palestinian people. If they do not respond positively then the only way forward is to support groups in Israel that want positive change to elect a government that will seek out a peaceful solution.

As I write this, the propagandists for Israel, the US and UK are blaming Palestinians for their own oppression and murder. Is this no different to the propaganda the Nazi regime in WWII Europe used to blame the Jews for their demise. The Nazi's of Europe said the Jews brought this on themselves; "this" being the holocaust!

Isn't it a travesty that the Israeli descendants of those same Jews that died in concentration camps in Europe are committing the same crimes their torturers and executioners committed? And saying the same disturbing things?

The Palestinians should not be blamed for their own incarceration in Gaza without clean water, medical supplies, electricity and freedom of movement - a shutdown and blockade starving 2 million people in Gaza that the world powers are ignoring.

On ABC's Q&A show an audience member asked an Israeli apologist, "what would you do if you were a young man in Gaza?" The apologist did not answer the question, instead he carried on with the false narrative that Palestinians are responsible for their own deaths by the hands of Israeli occupying forces. Any thinking person can see that those responsible for the massacre at the Gazan border are the Israeli occupying forces. The IDF snipers took aim at unarmed protesters and killed them. They killed journalists wearing uniforms identifying them as press. Some ask why are women with babies, elderly, the disabled going to protests where they can get shot or hurt? Those who ask this question are either supporters of the criminal Israeli regime or they belong to the privileged class that wouldn't know what real misery is. The Palestinian people have nothing left but to resist and protest. Their lives are not respected, they have nothing left. When you are faced with no future there are two ways you can go. You can either resist or you can lay down and die at your oppressors hand. If anyone knows anything about the Palestinian people they do not lie down.

The people of Gaza should be helped not because it's the politically savvy thing to do or the strategic thing to do. They should be helped because it is the right thing to do.