Oppressed nations will have their day

This image is used as fair dealing under Australian copyright law. Full credit to the Mongolian president who uttered them. It made sense to read his words and reflect on what I had just written. Knowing that all over this world there are people that will stand in defiance of the oppressors of our world.

I'm not alone in thinking about the deaths of protesting Palestinians by Israeli sniper fire. Of the countless deaths of the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Libya and all the oppressed nations on earth. These countries clearly do not have the means to defend themselves against the firepower and might of the legions of Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy or Russia. No match for them. No one is disputing that. Something occurred to me when I wondered what can these people do to withstand the aggression by these nations?

The answer was clear and simple. Did the ancient jews have the firepower to defeat Rome's legions? Did the jews of Europe have the means to prevent Hitler? Did Gandhi have the firepower to defeat British colonial racism and genocide in India? Did the Vietnamese have the means to defeat the grim reaper army of the United States? The list is long. The oppressed have had many faces in human history.

The Jewish story is peculiarly troubling since it took more than 2000 years for the Jewish people to have a power that can influence and change lives. Now they finally have this and look what they have done with it. Squandered it in a campaign of genocide, hate, theft and oppression of Palestinians.

The true leaders of freedom are those who know what to do with power when it graces their path. The Zionist regime is a militant junta, inherently racist; an aggressor regime seeking to crush and destroy its neighbours in the region. This anomaly known as Israel is a manifestation of a country, which I'm sure the Jews of 2000+ years ago would not approve of.

As the title implies, today's oppressed will one day yield power - if history is anything to go by! This writer proclaims that should that day come, these new leaders of freedom should not forget where they came from, the honour and dignity, the humility and forgiveness that are the guiding principles of a strong leader of people.

And I believe that day will not take 2000 years to come. It may take decades and many more will die at the hands of the dark armies that reign this world presently. As those who defended freedom in the darkness that Nazi Europe brought, once said, "The Nazis may try to kill our leaders but there will always be another." Another person to lead us out of the darkness.

These early years of the 21st century are dark years. They reek of mendacity and the stale blood of innocence. There are not many commentators that would see the world in this light, for they are lost in greed and false narratives designed to prop up a failed system that kills and threatens masses of people from countries that fight with antiquated weapons and their bare hands to defend their sovereignty and freedom.

More and more people around the globe are refusing to accept this master narrative and the aggressors hands are getting shaky. They think killing more people will extend their rule. They are wrong. How I know this is how history knows this.

History is the truth teller when lies dissolve into every other information source. History has never failed to reveal that the oppressed at any given time in human history have always lived to tell they had their day.