Like Israel, is the United States a Failed State?

This image is claimed as 'fair dealing' under Australian copyright law. The land of the free or the land of the failed. you decide.

Israel became a failed state more notoriously during the regime of Benjamin Netanyahu when he conducted acts of genocide on the Palestinian people and his killing campaigns in Lebanon and more recently in Syria which is an ongoing aggression on Syrian territory and its people. Furthermore, another characteristic of a failed state is the lack of international support that that state has. In the case of Israel there is consensus that nations unanimously reject Israel's apartheid regime. Even the failed leader of the United States, Donald Trump, recently said that he believes that the only way forward is a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. This was while Netanyahu was at the UN giving a speech about entering into yet another war with a regional neighbour.

The US has entered into the same kind of failed state genocide campaign strategies in the past 15 years in places such as Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and backed the Israeli massacres in Gaza this year. If we were to look at the current state of the three branches of US government; legislative, executive and judicial, we can now safely say that the republican party or GOP has full control of all three which has been referred to by public commentators as bearing similarity to a quasi dictatorship. Chomsky who we consider adept at explaining these matters, describes it as "an effective measure of reducing democracy, not only in terms of foreign policy but domestically as well."

Another aspect of a failed state is the outright rejection of traditional allies that maintain moderate democratic political systems i.e. Macron's France, Merkel's Germany, Theresa May's United Kingdom. While Trump seems to be focusing on entering into hot wars in the Middle East and China, Trump is also interested in undermining moderate regimes in the West with the aim of replacing them with dictators that mirror is own hawkish agenda. Dr Charles Edel says,

Americans are becoming more resistant to the sacrifices and trade-offs necessary to preserve the stability of the post-war world order.

Lastly, a striking example of a failed state is the acquisition and funding of a large defense force which has no apparent real use case in our current world political climate which can be categorised as the 'Golden Age of Diplomacy'. This golden age is largely owed to the advancements and innovations of technology and also an increase of graduates in the humanities who are switched on to current affairs.