The post-war world order run by the US undermined from within

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According to Dr Mark Mason of California University, "[T]he US poses a global threat although “it’s economically collapsing, it’s socially collapsing, it’s politically collapsing, the government of the United States is not a democracy; the policies of the United States are not controlled by the people; people have no say…it's controlled by corporate capitalism” Mason said.

Beyond this, the core US power structure which lies in its intelligence community and diplomatic corps is deteriorating very quickly, where key US allies are sidelining intelligence sharing with the US. The US dollar is under threat as nations are opting for alternative currency transactions. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, US sanctions against Russia and other governments "undermines trust in the dollar as a universal payment instrument and the main reserve currency."

The US is incorrectly using sanctions and military power and bases in recent history dating back from the Iraq invasion, the war in Afghanistan, the proxy war in Syria, the continuing war on Palestine and Yemen. Sanctions and US military power should be used in measured policy against countries like Saudi Arabia, Duterte's Philippines and Sisi's Egypt. Instead sanctions are incorrectly placed on Russia, Turkey, Iran and North Korea. Russia as a near peer power could do with diplomatic negotiations where Putin will see the US administration and its president talking the talk backed by a powerful diplomatic community and walking the walk in the case of Ukraine. Iran as a potential ally was becoming a helpful member of the international community with the installment of the 5+1 Iran deal. There was no reason to put sanctions on a moderate Turkey that was willing to work with the US. Sanctions on North Korea only strengthened their ties with Russia and China in a final manner where the US is becoming redundant as a power in the Asia Pacific region.

So what we see is that the US is either wilfully abandoning or mistakenly losing its power in the post-war world order. The question is who will replace the US as the stabilizer in the international community. The answer is that Europe and the UK will replace the US and Russia and China will also be major players. Is this a good outcome? Because of serious mistakes in the Middle East and the death toll of lives lost due to US interventions in the region, it is a good outcome but in the case of the Asia Pacific and Europe it is not a good outcome. The reason is, Europe and Asia are the new hotspots for theatres of war in the 21st century. Europe, with the rise of fascist parties and figures and Asia, with the Russian-Chinese proxy rule of North Korea and countries throughout Asia.

History has seen these re-emerging powers rule before and the result was revolution, counter revolution, dictatorships in Asia and a world war in the case of Europe. What we are faced with is crisis of a massive scale that the world has not seen since the last world and regional wars.

The Trump administration has undermined the power balance of the US globally. Trump's backers have done that with intent to collapse the US economy, to overthrow the moderate democratic powers in Europe, to cancel the stabalising power of the US in the Korean Peninsula with the aim of generating war globally. The damage to the political and material power of the US is catastrophic. The only remedy is to oust the Trump regime and curtail dictatorships in Asia and fascist parties in Europe with urgency. The world has not seen this kind of change in balance of power for 70 years.