How to regain the age of diplomacy

The US along with EU member states like Italy, Germany, Austria and Poland joining this new far right global movement in the works has been a complete failure. Let's delve deeper into this reasoning.

The technological age and the age of information has created channels of diplomacy never seen before in western global history. People are talking to each other via these channels like never before. We are in the golden age of diplomacy, politically. To roll out a cycle of far right policies like austerity, sanctions, illegitimate wars, isolationism and organised recessions in this time, is fundamentally a wrong strategy. The far right talked themselves into an internal fear based strategy. Trump has effectively destroyed every deal, accord or treaty that were the fruits of the age of diplomacy and the political capital gained after world war two. The question is; what to do from this point onward?

The UK has already decided to become a separate economic and political block from the EU and its key far right members already mentioned above. This is a great move to protect, at least, some European countries from the incorrect strategy of instigating war in Europe and the world by neo-fascists among EU states, with US backing under Trump. Now on the right side of history we have the UK and non aligned nations and on the wrong side of history we have the fascist EU members, their client states and the US. European conservatives can always choose to opt out of this far right strategy and rejoin diplomatic channels of communication among nations. How they can do that is by usurping the dictators they have planted in their clients states i.e. Philippines, South Africa, Egypt, Saudi, Israel, US and Russia.

It's really a question of management and how one treats and manages the conquered. We cannot live in a fantasy where we are living in a so called post colonial age when this is simply untrue. We are living in a hard and fast colonial age. This has only become more apparent because of the organised rolling out of the far right card globally. None of the implementations of the fascists on the ground have been successful in 2019, for instance, the miserable treatment of refugees has had negligible ground support and creating a new global arms race by withdrawing from the INF nuclear treaty. The latter has created an environment where the US is testing missiles when it has been proven that the US already has the best military hardware. So what's the point?

The US was a role model to developing nations before the far right took power in 2016 and now it is just another second rate cold war era regressive developing power. The US and its cohorts are experiencing what we will call an imperial psychosis. The US empire and its conservative European backers are failing to see the reality of this era from their own cyclic and ritualistic mechanisms which artificially generate peace time and war time in a systemic manner. For example, the US political regime is being run on a two term basis which is an eight year cycle of a progressive democrat regime to hardline republican regime (Clinton 8 years - Bush 8 years - Obama 8 years - Trump currently 4 years). The intention of this article is to convince the players of this cycle to break away from it now before much of the western power structures are destroyed entirely.

There is an opportunity to break free of this cycle and see what benefits can still be gained from the golden age of diplomacy. Some might ask what that is? Politically it means not polarising the world between east and west, Russia versus the US, the far right versus the far left, democrat versus republican, progressives versus centrists, black versus white etc. We can all get along because we have before. There is precedence in recent history, the Obama and Clinton eras on the whole managed their affairs within a diplomatic framework which did not tear up treaties but instead made new deals, decommissioned the sanctioning strategy and entered wars to help prevent genocide.