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By volunteering you will help this site go a long way in helping achieve it's goals. 

* to deliver a different perspective on news and current affairs that counters often santitised mainstream media outlets. What this means is that you will be supporting a not for profit website working to give you more trusted and balanced information.

* to give those members of our local and world community a place to have their voices heard without the agenda filled often loaded opinions of larger media outlets.

* to raise awareness of the ongoing issues affecting the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other disadvantaged zones with special emphasis on revealing media report inaccuracies and bias.

* to provide financial assistance to direct verifiable charity lines in devastated places like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Tell your friends, family and neighbours about us. Share our posts and comment on them. Most importantly, contribute! You can send us your own news, images, thoughts, whether local or international. If you find something out that the main news services are deliberately ignoring or misrepresenting, we want to hear about it. If you have a skill or talent and you would like to increase your experience you can volunteer to help us. Maybe it's writing blogs, or promoting & marketing the site, developing the website with your IT skills, we want to hear from you. 

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